Find a Diesel Engine Repair Shop in Amarillo, TX

Find a Diesel Engine Repair Shop in Amarillo, TX

Rod Brothers Truck Center offers commercial truck engine service

Has engine trouble put one of your trucks out of commission? Bring it over to Rod Brothers Truck Center. We offer fast commercial truck engine repair services in Amarillo, TX. We’ll use the latest diagnostic techniques to figure out what’s wrong with the engine. Once it’s repaired, we’ll send you a notification that your truck is ready to be picked up.

Reach out to us today for the diesel engine repairs you need.

Why is your truck’s exhaust black?

Black exhaust signals a problem with your engine, but which part? Our experienced diesel mechanics can get to the root of the problem. Black exhaust could be a result of a faulty:

  • Injector
  • Injector pump
  • Air filter
  • EGR valve
  • Turbocharger
You can trust us to figure out the cause of your engine trouble and repair it ASAP. Get in touch with us today to schedule our services.